edit-Good Halibut Day




Visiting with Dennis Paugh as my guide, out of Bamfield this week, we managed to out fish most folks here.
Even with the nasty weather we encountered during our time out, his new boat allowed us to fish in style with the heated bulkhead.
Dennis' pleasant, polite, and personable character, along with his extensive experience on the water here, make for one of the best west coast fishing charters out here.
Always make sure to make contact with Limit Out Charter's to see if he is available, as you will not be disappointed! 


I've gone fishing every year with limit out charters for the past 5 years , and every year I come home with my freezer full! Dennis is awesome, even if the weather is bad and you can’t go out on the big water he knows all the spots on the inside and you will still get fish. To make things better he just got a new boat with a fully enclosed cab for those chilly days! Looking forward to getting aboard in June and filling the freezer again!
Scott Pshyk

I went out with my good friend and fellow guide Denny Paugh and had a great time and got lots of fish.  5 stars.  Come to Bamfield and get hooked up. 

Cheers Bish 




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